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Hoffmann in Australia
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Earliest birth yearFlorence Garland
Birth 1723
Death 16 January 1790 ‎(Age 67)‎ Saint Gluvias, Cornwall, UK
Latest birth yearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death yearFlorence Garland
Birth 1723
Death 16 January 1790 ‎(Age 67)‎ Saint Gluvias, Cornwall, UK
Latest death year Rudoph James Hoffmann
Birth 23 November 1917 29 27 Gunalda, Qld
Death 10 June 2009 ‎(Age 91)‎ Maryborough, Qld
Person who lived the longest
Johanne Christiane Teusner
Birth 6 June 1836 30 32
Death before 1943 ‎(Age 106)‎
Average age at death
Males: 59   Females: 62
Family with the most children
Johann Peter Hoffmann + Eva Maria Eck
Marriage 29 March 1830 Kafertal Baden Germany
Average number of children per family
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Hoffmann in Australia

25 April 2014 - 5:55:10am

On This Day ...
Christian, Edmund
Hoffmann, Anna Wilhelmina
Edmund25 April 192589Marriage 
Glassenbury, Fanny Edith Fanny Edith25 April 1865149Birth 
Hoffmann, Carl August Carl August25 April 1867147Death 
Hoffmann, Christiana Christiana25 April 1879135Death 
Hoffmann, Emily Frances Emily Frances25 April 1901113Birth 
Hoffmann, Grace Emily Grace Emily25 April 198034Death 
Hoffmann, Johann Carl Wilhelm Johann Carl Wilhelm25 April 1874140Birth 
Hoffmann, Johanna Dorothea Bertha Johanna Dorothea Bertha25 April 192589Death 
Hoffmann, Louise Pauline Louise Pauline25 April 198628Death 
Hoffmann, Maurice Maurice25 April 1910104Event 
Jantke, Carl August
Dreschler, Johanne Emilie Auguste
Carl August25 April 1876138Marriage 
Paech, Johann Friedrich Johann Friedrich25 April 1868146Death 
Hoffmann, Bertha
img src="themes/simplygreen/images/small/male.gif" class="gender_image" style="" alt="" title="" />25 April 192391Marriage 
Reibel, William J William J25 April 191896Death 
Schoff, Wilfred Alfred Wilfred Alfred25 April 1895119Birth 
Schumacher, Johann Wilhelm Eduard Johann Wilhelm Eduard25 April 193381Death 
Thomas, Esther Florence Esther Florence25 April 1896118Birth 

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